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Ava Ann P. Semorlan
Adrian P. Semorlan


The study aimed to determine the relationship between the reading and writing performance in Filipino of pre-first grade children and to explore the variables that relate to their reading and writing performance. The subjects were pre-first grade children whose ages ranged from five to seven years old and their parents. To identify the reading stages and writing performance that the children were operating in, reading and writing tests were administered. The study revealed that in reading, the majority of the children were operating in the story reading stage; while in writing most of them were operating in the phonetic spelling stage. The findings also showed the following: 1) there was a strong positive relationship between the reading and writing performance of the pre-first grade children; 2) IQ level had a slight positive relationship with their reading performance.; 3) IQ and some years in preschool had a moderate positive relationship with their writing performance, and; 4) age of first exposure to storybooks had a moderate negative relationship with reading and writing performance. This study showed that the reading and writing stages of the pre-first grade children operate in are strongly related. This means that children who can read can likewise write in the language that they can read. This finding also supports the Cognitive theory that explains how reading and writing grow and develop simultaneously. The theory explains how reading becomes very similar to the act of writing since reading is a process of building mental meanings from textual clues. Recommendations base on the findings of this study: a) Reading and writing in the early years should be taught simultaneously; b) Preschool children should be exposed to story reading both in school and at home; c) story reading should be a basic part of the preschool program; d) Parents should be encouraged to support their children's early reading and writing experiences.

Keywords: Reading, Writing, Pre-first Grade, Cognitive theory


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