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A Semorlan P Atendido E Erbina E De Vera M Flores W Mambil G Palaganas S Pecson P Pinuela K San Jose Sugay J M Violanta


The Elementary Christian Living and Good Manners and Right Conduct teachers conducted a survey regarding the dreams of Elementary school students at their respective grade levels. Responses were then gathered in determining the important themes that emerged during the analysis stage. During this process, it was found that the dreams and intentions of the pupils revolve around four themes in the perspectives of “I”, “Family”, “Others” and “Faith.”  In the “I” perspective, the following factors are revealed: jobs in the future, materials/gadgets, high academic performance, imaginative/supernatural dreams, positive moods, being rich, having pets, possessing good attitudes, acquiring desired talents/skills, travelling, possessing certain physical attributes, food, health, receiving recognitions, finishing studies, enrolling in prestigious College institutions, receiving blessings, and becoming successful in life. It was found out that the concept of “I” becomes broader as students mature. In the “Family” perspective, some students hope for better family relationships, safety, love, good health, and happiness for their families by supporting their parents and making them proud. The notion of making parents proud and supporting the family is evident in most of the grade 4 to 6 students. The “Others” perspective involves concern for other people like friends, teachers, neighbors and care for the environment, country, and world peace. The last theme discerned was the “Faith” perspective wherein appreciation for God’s blessings, becoming closer to God, asking for God’s guidance, protection and forgiveness are cited by a few students. The “I” and the “Family” perspectives are given importance by majority of the elementary population.  It can be derived from these study’s findings that students in the elementary highly prioritize concerns about oneself and the immediate people involved in their lives who are their family members. At this stage, they try to win recognition by showing efforts. These were represented by the results of how the students hoped to have good jobs, attain high grades and please their families because these are the things they view as right or good. It can be assumed that the positive dreams that the children have for themselves and their families are influenced by their belief in the concept of goodness which is a significant teaching of Christ. Further, the findings of this study serve as a challenge to the significant adults in the lives of children such as parents, teachers and guardians to enlighten every child to manifest concern towards other people and to always place God in the center of their dreams and aspirations in life.


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SEMORLAN, A et al. FUTURE ASPIRATIONS OF THE ELEMENTARY PUPILS IN SCHOOL OF SAINT ANTHONY, LAGRO, PHILIPPINES. JATI - JOURNAL OF SOUTHEAST ASIAN STUDIES, [S.l.], v. 19, p. 169-188, dec. 2014. ISSN 2600-8653. Available at: <https://jati.um.edu.my/article/view/5500>. Date accessed: 26 sep. 2020. doi: https://doi.org/10.22452/jati.vol19no1.11.