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Rosilawati Zainol


Many innovative took have been invented to assist humankind in their daily life. One of the great inventions is information technology (IT). IT has changed many aspects of humankind and their lifestyle today. Ever since its inception, man's reliance on information technology is vital to his existence. Those who have not used IT are being left behind. The Internet as the catalyst of IT has made transfers of information faster than anyone could imagine just a decade ago. Information technology innovations have improved man’s quality of life, in work and leisure. In the tourism sector of Malaysia, information technology and the Internet are two main elements in prospering the country. The country is rich in diverse tourism products which are available nationwide. The numbers of international and domestic tourists visiting are consistently increasing yearly. IT and the Internet have played a major role in facilitating this surge in visitations. Today many Malaysian tourist attractions are available on the web. However, IT usage is not limited to promoting tourists' attractions and disseminating information but also in planning, development and assessment. Furthermore, the current tourists’ attractions need to be managed and assessed regularly and IT together with the Internet can assist in achieving this goal. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to suggest what IT and the Internet has contributed and continues to contribute in different phases of the tourism sector. The study views different approaches in which IT and the Internet can play in moving towards sustainable tourism development.


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