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Chithra Latha Ramalingam


Multiculturalism is an important concept in respect of cultural diversity. In Malaysia, a country of multi race and religion, it is important practice for respect of difference in relation to equality and tolerance. The respect for cultural diversity has been always emphasized by the Malaysian Government since the Independence of this country in 1957. This is further enhanced by the process of globalization and now glocalization. The challenges of cultural differences and racisms continued to be present in the Malaysia arena irrespective of the fact that the leaders of the country and the government strives to adopt a multicultured society. Researchers have identified legislations, education and policies to promote intercultural respect and tolerance and understanding. In Malaysia, sports are one such activity which is used to promote multiculturalism. This research will therefore investigate the issue sports as a tool for social integration and what are the evidences to prove that Malaysia has attained an acceptable level of social integration. The focus of this topic will be on the how sports and its policies have been used to promote the concept of multiculturalism. It will also discuss how multicultural education in sports plays an important role in supporting unity and equality in relation to sports. It will also evaluate the benefits of sports in cultural diversity and multiculturalism. This research will use the case studies and theories to evaluate the extent of the multiculturalism in sports.

Keywords: Multiculturalism; Sports; Pluralism, Nationalism, Assimilation ; Integration.


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