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Lenis Aislinn Chua Separa
Leonila Javier Generales
Ruby Jean Siccion Medina


The knowledge in the first language serves as the foundation of an individual in verbalising thoughts using the second language. The goal of language acquisition and language learning is one’s ability to communicate effectively with other people in a situation that is ideal for a second language speaker.  In cases where a communication situation is not suitable for the second language learner, verbal expressions oneself becomes problematic. This study investigates the contexts wherein second-language speakers of English find difficulty in the various communicative tasks they encounter when dealing with other people. It was asked from the university students in the Philippines to recount their experiences using English as a language of oral communication and to describe circumstances which made speaking difficult for them. Narrative accounts of their lived experiences were analysed through a qualitative thematic approach and developed the categories from emerging themes. Data reveals that emerging difficulties in English speaking not only involve lack of linguistic competence but also encompass psycho-social fears of speaking across different communication tasks. A proposed model for the context-based speaking difficulty includes (1) prowess in speaking; (2) pressure by time; (3) political power and control; and (4) people as of press.


Keywords: communication, speaking, speech, difficulty, English, English as a second language


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